Sports Massage

By exercising regularly, the tension in your muscles will increase. This fatigue and decreased muscle function can negatively affect performance and future injuries.

A sports massage reduces the muscle tension that is built up during sports activities. The muscles are well released in the depth, which afterwards results in a fresher feeling during training and reduced muscle stiffness. It is a high-quality way to improve recovery after a heavy training or competitions. In addition, a massage therapy in the run-up to an important
competition can be recommended to optimally prepare the muscles for sports performance.

A massage is for everyone, elite level or recreational, who aims for an optimal recovery after sports related activities. During the consultation, the muscle groups which should be treated
will be determined on the basis of an intake interview. Your sports masseur will listen to your personal question and then perform the treatment.


  • Specific muscle group: +/- 25 minutes consultation, focusing on a specific region or muscle
  • General sports massage: +/- 45 minutes consultation, treating lower and/or upper limb and
    back depending on your sports and specific case.

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Sports Nutrition

Athletes are still insufficiently aware of the positive impact of well-balanced nutrition on their performance.

On the first place, proper nutrition improves the performance itself. Each sport has its specificity. For some sports power is the most important factor, for others speed or endurance. The right diet can substantially improve the performance. This is the domain of the sports dietitian. She will take into account the period in which the athlete is: competition-, training- or recuperation period and will formulate specific recommendations for each individual athlete separately. This because every person is different in terms of physique, metabolism, etc. Sports nutrition is a specialized job.

In addition, the right nutrition will promote recovery after the performance. Moreover, an appropriate diet will prevent injuries and/ or will help to heal them faster.

During injury time, for example, the energy needs will decrease because exercise is reduced. The body composition may change, the protein requirements may increase, etc. Also during these periods, it is advisable to consult the sports dietitian for specific advice.

In addition, the sports dietitian is available to answer the many questions that athletes may have about their diet, use of vitamins, supplements, nutrition during foreign training camps, competition, allergies, etc.

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Sports psychologist

Viktor Van der Veken obtained his degree in work- and organization psychology at the KU Leuven. Afterwards he followed training in practical sport psychology, also at KU Leuven, in order to specialize further in the field of sport psychology. To extent his knowledge on the subconscious processes in the brain he followed a extra training program at the Palo Alto Institute on the topic Limbic Coaching.

His goal is to aid the athlete in his or her struggle to perform at their very best. Through gaining a deeper insight in the own thinking processes and learning mental skills this goal will be met. His focus is to enhance the athlete’s ability to overcome mental obstacles on their own in order to fully utilize his inner potential.

Viktor started his career at the Flemish Fencing association where he acts as the mental coach of the young athletes who are part of the elite performance program. Furthermore he has been active in various different sports, including individual (fencing, tennis, athletics, cycling, …) and team sports (football, handball, …). The athletes he has been helping range from all different levels. Whether you’re a top athlete or practice at recreational level he can help you to enhance your mental resilience and improve your performance.

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  • The size measurements of orthopaedic insoles based on a gait analysis making use of the latest technologies to study both static and dynamic footprint and gait pattern. He is hereby taking into account a certain pathological or acute problems. The orthopaedic insoles are in 3D print with all adjustments and corrections processed in it. A unique concept!
  • Various orthotics that are delivered with prescription after a consultation with a physician. This body supporting or sports performance made orthotics can be made and delivered quickly thanks to the special 3D scan techniques of the measurements.

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